Pinterest and the Business Dilemmas


As a small business owner I have been driven like most of us to the wonderful world of Pinterest. Love it, addicted to see pins and share. I’ve even already once posted a blog mention about Pinterest earlier this year. Old Pinterest Blog Found Here

Today I wanted to talk more from the perspective of business owners and using Pinterest platform to engage with consumers/customers visually. I loved this idea the minute I heard it. For a change something really great for the Non Service industry that is appealing to potential customers.

One comment that I find myself dealing with is the “put pricing” or “not to put pricing”. Do you make your business Pinterest as if it’s not a business and you’re casually sharing information or, hello, it’s a business and it’s another marketing tool to use and be upfront with that. I myself have been really struggling with this. I personally don’t like to read all the business stuff on there and pushy stuff or hard sales that I sometimes see. I also though have had comments about pricing on my Pins and well, something I have not had an easy time with determining.

So my friends…. thoughts? I really feel that if you’re a business you have to put it out there and not try to look like you’re faking something about your Pins. I mean it’s a tool to use to engage people. I in no way really expect sales from pinterest directly, but really want people to like, share and hopefully they will remember this cool bag, tote, clutch, toddler dress that when they are ready they will come and shop.

Would love to know thoughts on this from all perspectives. Consumers and the Business Person!



About House of Minerva

    Kate Elfatah - Designer and Dreamer  What a wonderful place this world would be if we could all tap into our dreams and passions and not only take a risk, but enjoy the adventure as well. Designer, Kate Elfatah has done this with her artistic ability to craft quality and trendy women’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Kate began designing and sewing cosmetic bags for friends a few years ago, the demand was so high she started creating totes and handbags to compliment her collections. As her designing began to flourish, Kate had to make sacrifices and juggled home life with an all consuming full time job. As a single mother, Kate worked in the corporate world for many years but knew if given the opportunity she could combine her savvy business expertise with her talent for sewing and crafting unique pieces for women and children. Three years ago Kate met her current husband who last year encouraged and helped her make the bold decision to leave the corporate world to pursue her dream of becoming a Designer and local business owner. Kate has now begun a new journey, with her own design label, House of Minerva. Her line of handbags and women and children’s apparel are designed with classic yet fun patterns, utilizing retro fabrics with a few new twists on standard apparel. House of Minerva is a one woman show. Kate designs and sews each piece by hand, with a keen eye for detail and functionality. This is only the beginning for this creative and inspiring woman. House of Minerva: Encouraging Women and Children to Show their True Colors.
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5 Responses to Pinterest and the Business Dilemmas

  1. Gladys Wiles says:

    Kate, I’m new to Pinterest, but like you, I love it already! It’s the 3rd largest social media tool right now, so it’s a must for any businesses. What’s nice about it, is that when you pin one of your pics, let’s say from a blog, the pic has a link that goes back to your blog, or your website driving traffic. So I think in a creative and fun way, without coming off as a sales pitch, you can accomplish a lot with Pinterest. I have read that it is important to engage other and like and repin as you increase your following. Best of luck to you!

  2. Lauren says:

    I love your products and I share my favorites on Pinterest to get you the attention you deserve. I think it’s appropriate to say something on your pins such as, ” just finished this adorable girls’ dress~~$(insert price here)” or simply with a link to your website. One of the things I love about you is you are not fake. ever. As long as you don’t feel like you’re using subversive means to gets your business, you probably aren’t. And, if you feel like it’s inauthentic to post your items as though it’s just a find, then don’t~~even if I don’t have opportunity to buy from you just now, I always spread your wares, and I know many others do~~you’ll get the business because you’re good! Also, you can pin your stuff with no comment. People will like and spread your wares on their own and you don’t need to offer explanation. 🙂

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