Pinterest! Love it, get it, but some people….

So tonight as I always do, I go thru my Flipboard and read all my news! My thing I do and share as I do on fb for those I know are watching. (if you Friend me you will see…Kate Elfatah (Katie Thorpe Estrada) Tonight I journey to Pinterest and start my lookie lookie! Always enjoy it and was an obsession at one time. But tonight I was worried. Worried because people are just posting to post random and not even attractive, or humorous! Not even people promoting their own brands so you may let it slide. Like I do for HoM. Lol.

One person, I know I followed, posting the most ridiculous clothing that was uninteresting and I didn’t get it. Wasn’t their biz, was random, not interesting stuff. Repinning everyone and just screaming look at me! On fb there is protocol and I hope etiquette! Like don’t post random crap on my wall, I’ll post it if it warrants it! Pinterest has no filters. The only filter is to not follow the person any longer.

Now that I think of it, maybe this is the not so nice or must be polite app, its probably genius. You annoy me enough, I’ll unfollow. On fb we maintain friends, well just because, right? I won’t use any names from pinterest, i am a lady in that regards, lol, but there’s one person that feels the need to post every blunt card! Dude we get it, it’s all funny. Now I’ve unfollowed because I don’t have time to read 100 blunt cards to get to something good. One or two pertinent blunt cards, we all enjoy, but you have to know when is enough. And what does a dude know about my PMS! If you post this, you’re not reading them either. Don’t expect me to. It’s creepy.

Hey young girl with a Gap credit card or works at Ambercrombie, you’re not helping things by not trying to look cool by posting ever Ralph Lauren ad from W mag! I like it too, one, even two is ok, but I don’t need you to pin the entire 2012 Spring Line from Paris Fashion Show.

Ok, I’m done. Let’s keep this AMAZING thing called Pinterest, Interesting!




About House of Minerva

    Kate Elfatah - Designer and Dreamer  What a wonderful place this world would be if we could all tap into our dreams and passions and not only take a risk, but enjoy the adventure as well. Designer, Kate Elfatah has done this with her artistic ability to craft quality and trendy women’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Kate began designing and sewing cosmetic bags for friends a few years ago, the demand was so high she started creating totes and handbags to compliment her collections. As her designing began to flourish, Kate had to make sacrifices and juggled home life with an all consuming full time job. As a single mother, Kate worked in the corporate world for many years but knew if given the opportunity she could combine her savvy business expertise with her talent for sewing and crafting unique pieces for women and children. Three years ago Kate met her current husband who last year encouraged and helped her make the bold decision to leave the corporate world to pursue her dream of becoming a Designer and local business owner. Kate has now begun a new journey, with her own design label, House of Minerva. Her line of handbags and women and children’s apparel are designed with classic yet fun patterns, utilizing retro fabrics with a few new twists on standard apparel. House of Minerva is a one woman show. Kate designs and sews each piece by hand, with a keen eye for detail and functionality. This is only the beginning for this creative and inspiring woman. House of Minerva: Encouraging Women and Children to Show their True Colors.
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